Electric Vehicle Charging

If you drive an electric vehicle, you’re going to need an electric vehicle charging point at home or work.  CPE energy Ltd offer a variety of electric vehicle charging solutions including wall or post-mounted electric vehicle charging points or integrated solar and EV charging option.

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Power your home with Solar Panels

Installing solar panels at your home or business will significantly reduce your energy bills and you can take advantage of the  Government’s feed-in tariff.

The free electricity generated by your solar panels is automatically used in your property when there is demand for electricity. When the supply from the solar panels exceeds demand, the excess electricity is sold back to the grid. When your energy demand exceeds the amount being generated by the solar panels you will use energy from the Grid.

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CPE energy can help you with:

  • Solar power

  • Electric and hybrid vehicle charging point installations

  • Energy saving products

  • Electrical installations

  • Domestic and Commercial

    Helping you generate electricity and optimise energy by installing Solar PV Panels, Electric Vehicle charging points and Energy Saving products, UK wide.

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